Print Design


As a marketing specialist I have designed and maintained print projects such as product catalogs, print advertising, show banners, sell sheets, product packaging, display headers, labels and shelf talkers.

An interesting challenge that I faced recently was being included in a catalog. I am much more comfortable behind the scenes, problem-solving and meeting timelines, but in this case I became the model. The challenging part (a personal challenge) was having to choose one of the photos and include it in the final product. Uncomfortable – but a great learning experience. I resisted editing (other than color correction and brightening), but it was tough.

El Dorado Books requested a cover design for their latest release ‘Flower Power Man’. Their book examines the life of family member George Edgerly Harris III (Hibiscus), subject of the iconic flower power photo that defined an era. I have worked with El Dorado and the Harris family before and it was my pleasure to work with them again.

I host Watercolor Socials at a local Art Supply store and I often I produce print projects for the attendees. A recent project was centered around roses.